Dr. Danielle DeSantis

Meditation Cruise

Guided Meditation Cruise


“Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction…”

Guided meditation is a means of increasing overall subjective well-being, positive thinking, a sense of connection and attention, and a way to decrease stress. Some may find it more challenging than others to achieve total mindfulness, and the gentle rocking of the ocean against the sides of a boat could do your body (and your mind) some good. Many patients have commented that the ocean setting was a complete escape.

Guided Meditation Cruise

Guided Meditation Cruise

Our guided meditation cruise sets sail in beautiful Narragansett Bay, and lasts around one hour. We are able to offer this service from May–November, and is available for $75. Please click the button below to sign up. (You will be taken to a secure payment form).

If you prefer land-based meditation, such as in a park, zen-garden, beach, office, etc. please click here.

Here are some photos from recent Guided Meditation Cruise sessions.